Is there a limit to the number of pockets or compartments my holders can have?
Multi-pocket racks can be assembled from any holder with any number of compartments. Header panels can also be added if desired.

Can my holders be mounted on the wall?
All MLS Holders can be mounted to a wall. MLS and MPS Holders have a pocket capacity of 1-1/2″.

Can you customize lettering on my product?
Custom Silk Screening is available on many products. Personalize any of our products with your logo and message. Pricing may vary.

Is shipping available or do I have to come pick up my products? 
We offer direct delivery from Coeur d’Alene to the Canadian border, and from Washington to Montana. Expanded areas will need to be shipped.

Do you have a show room or a store front?
No. We have a shop. You are welcome to visit the shop, however please call to confirm meeting and hours of operation prior to visiting.