Church Products

Basic Lecterns and wall-mounted brochure holders for churches, hotels, restaurants, schools and universities.

Custom Products

Custom Fabricated Products

Western Acrylic has done custom fabrication for Churches, Veterinarians, Restaurants and Catering Companies, Art Galleries, Gemological Societies, Interior Decorators and Architects, Museums, Sporting Goods Stores, Jewelry Stores, and more.
If you can imagine it, we can probably build it.
Specialty Boxes

Comment boxes, coin banks and other box-type products.

Pocket Holders

Single-Pocket Holders

Traditional, Slanting, and Custom Fabricated Counter top holders for brochures and booklets. Also includes acrylic sign holders for flyers, menus, etc.

Multi-Pocket Holders

Counter top Holders with tiers or multi level brochure spaces and multi-pocket revolving racks.

Special Holders and Floor Displays

Counter top catalog display holders, floor stands, revolving display towers.

Wall-Mounted Holders

Wall-mounted holders for brochures and booklets.

Office Products

Office Supply Holders

Business card holders, notepad holders, paper holders and pen holders for general office use.

Clips, Mounting Brackets and Sign Bases

Plastic easel, Z Channel, L Brackets, H Step, Slat Wall-Mount Brackets, and other brackets for hanging items. Also includes bases for displaying counter top signage.